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LaserScape is a top-down 2D puzzle game set in the depths of an abandoned laser lab.  Manipulate the mirrors and lasers to make your way out!

Welcome to Knox Laboratories. You are a new student intern (being paid in exposure) kidnapped by a rogue AI to conduct scientific experiments after the fall of humanity. The only way out is to place conveniently placed lasers pointing at conveniently placed laser beam receivers that conveniently open the doors to your escape. Will you escape this laboratory from hell, or will you get burned out?


Esteban Aldana (UCI) - Programming

Lance Anthony Aquino (UCLA) - Design

Emily Chavez (UCI) - Audio and Music

Calvin Nguyen (UCLA) - Art, Writing, and Voices

Luca Stubbe (UCSC) - Programming, Art

Vincent Zhang (UCSD) - Programming


gamjam-ver.zip 69 MB
Laserscape Windows.zip 53 MB
Laserscape Mac.app.zip 62 MB

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